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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Isbister joins Tanabe

The Carolina Hurricanes announced today that they've signed former Bruins player Brad Isbister to a one year deal. Brad Isbister now joins David Tanabe in the elite club of former Bruins who have signed with the Hurricanes this week.

In Red Sox news, Curt Schilling recorded his 3,000th strike-out against the Oakland Athletics. It sucks though that it was in a losing effort. The A's downed the Red Sox 7-2, handing the Red Sox their sixth straight loss. In the Red Sox's last seven series, five of them have been sweeps. Four of them against the Red Sox, (Kansas City, New York, Seattle, and Oakland) and one of them for the Red Sox (Baltimore.)

Also yesterday I enabled Haloscan comments on this blog. So comment away Bruins nation.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tanabe signs with the Hurricanes, meanwhile I found out I should be an arbitrator

Today the Carolina Hurricanes announced that they signed former Bruins Defensman David Tanabe. Earlier this offseason a judge awarded Tanabe a one year 2.75 million dollar contract. The next day Peter Chiarelli and the Boston Bruins walked away from the contract. I blogged about this when it happened. Here's the entry. At the end of the entry I stated that I agreed with Chiarelli. Here's the actual quote from the entry.
This is sad news, I liked David Tanabe, he was very good. He was not worth 1.275 million though, that is for sure. If I was the arbitration judge I would have awarded him a one year 900,000 dollar contract.
There it is. I said it just a few weeks ago, David Tanabe should have been awarded a one year 900,000 dollar contract. Well guess what? Today Tanabe signed with the Hurricanes for a One year 900,000 dollar contract! I know, I think I too should be an arbitrator. Though I don't know if they would hire someone with the title president of Bruins nation. They might think I have a bias.

All in all, I think it's great that Tanabe was resigned by somebody. He really is good and he played really well for the Bruins. He was often overlooked in Boston and I wish him the best in Carolina.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Boston Bruins sign T.J. Trevelyan

Today Peter Chiarelli and the Boston Bruins announced that they've signed left wing free agent T.J. Trevelyan to a multi-year contract.
Trevelyan, 22, has played the last four seasons of college hockey at St. Lawrence University with 78 goals and 76 assists for 154 points and 204 penalty minutes in 150 career college games.
I really don't know much about T.J. but I hope he does well.

Also check out my friend's blog entry about the Emmys. (yes, my friend is TV Man)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Last of the Colorado B's

I'm back in Boston. I had a great time with my family, but all vacations must come to an end and the president of Bruins nation is back home.

I have decided to put the new Colorado B's on a different web page because I noticed that the pictures on the blog now are making everything else slower. So here are the last of the Colorado B's.

One last thing I have to mention is that Mike Timlin screwed up last night and I'm actually glad, let me explain. Mike Timlin is an amazing pitcher who basically only screws up once a season. He finally got it over with last night. So from now on he is going to pitch well every time.

Also congratulations to the Portsmouth, New Hampshire little league team for making it to the United States Semi-Finals!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mr. Bergeron stays

Yesterday the Boston Bruins announced they have re-signed Patrice Bergeron. Patrice Bergeron is an amazing hockey player and will only get better. Peter Chiarelli announced that the center, who led the Bruins in goals last season, signed a multi-year contract. Also if you read the article you'll find out that Chiarelli is also on a first name basis with Bergeron. (We found out that he is on a first name basis with Phil Kessel last Thursday)

I have more Colorado B's but I'm too lazy to put them up today, maybe tomorrow.

Monday, August 21, 2006

More Colorado B's

All B's stand for the Boston Bruins. These B's are via the summit of Pike's Peak here in Colorado Springs.

Also I am so mad that the Red Sox got swept by the Yankees!!! I hate the Yankees. Terry Francona has to wake up his team. We're 6 and half games back. That's too much!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

A "B" on a rock

Today I went with my family to the Garden of the Gods here in Colorado Springs. It's a city park with amazing looking rocks. Even these rocks happen to be Boston Bruins fans:

If you think that I just wrote a "b" on one rock using another rock than you're crazy.

Also tonight's Red Sox game is on at 8 (6 in Colorado) and it's on ESPN so I can watch it here in Colorado Springs. I'm excited, I know Curt Schilling is going to win tonight. (He better, my Red Sox are starting to worry me.)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Not Again


I hate the Yankees, I hate losing to them, why can't we win?

Today the Red Sox lost to the Yankees 13-5. Everything about the game sucked. Except Manny's homer that is. That was awesome. Our pitching sucks right now. 39 runs in three games in not acceptable. One cool thing was that I could watch the game in Colorado because it was nationally televised. I'm in Colorado Springs with my family for a week. The President needed a vacation anyway. Don't worry though, I'll keep updating.

Stupid double-headers and great Bruins song

I hate losing to the Yankees. Today we did it twice. That sucks. 12-4 then 14-11. Damn our pitching sucked today. Anyway the more I think about today's Red Sox games the more pissed off I get so I'm going to stop.

I found the perfect song the Bruins should play at the fleet center when they announce the starting five. They should play the beginning of Slam Dunk (Da Funk) by Five. Below is the part of the song I think they should play. I used my digital camera to get the song so I know it looks a little sketchy.

Have a nice weekend Bruins nation.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Red Sox get mauled in game one of double-header


In case all you members of Bruins nation don't know, I hate the Yankees, (not as much as I hate the Canadiens, but it's close) and I'm so mad at Jason Johnson. This is the biggest game he has ever pitched in and he sucked! He gave up four runs in a little over four innings as the Yankees crushed the Red Sox 12-4. I didn't watch the game so I can't really comment more on how it went. Hopefully Jon Lester and the Red Sox can win tonight.

Also, Eric Hinske did really well with three doubles in his first game as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bruins sign Phil Kessel

Peter Chiarelli announced earlier today that the Boston Bruins have signed their first round draft pick, center Phil Kessel, to a multi-year contract. Phil Kessel, the fifth overall pick in the 2006 NHL draft, is a great addition to the Boston Bruins. "Phil is a player with world-class speed and gifted offensive talents" said Chiarelli, who we now know is on a first name basis with Kessel. (Just thought I'd mention it) Also, as I briefly mentioned on Friday, Kessel along with Bruins prospect Rask did incredibly well at the USA Hockey’s National Junior Evaluation Camp held every year in Lake Placid, New York. Hopefully Kessel, under guys like Patrice Bergeron will grow into an incredible center. (Yes I realize I can say this about every draft pick and every young player, but Phil Kessel really does sound like he has potential.)

Also, Bruins preseason games start in exactly one month! Their first game is against the New Jersey Devils, however the game is in Lowell at the Tsongas Arena. (Where the Lowell Devils (used to be Lock Monsters) play their games.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Cam Neely tribute

There is still no news in Bruins nation. So today I give everybody a YouTube version of a Cam Neely tribute.

Also I won't be posting anything tomorrow (Wednesday) though I will be back Thursday.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Still no news

There is still no news in Bruins nation today so I give you Zidane, in his finest hour.

oooooo!!! After over a month it still looks bad.

Also, the Red Sox finally got back to winning. Boy they must love Fenway Park. Tonight is the real test against the Detroit tigers.

I read this on (sorry I'm too lazy to put in the link) Apparently the Carolina Hurricanes season ticket sales have increased by 60%! That's amazing for the NHL. If we can get hockey popular down south the NHL will really take off! (Yes I realize the Hurricanes did win the Stanley Cup, but still, 60% is incredible!)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I sort of feel bad for Clarett, well not really

Maurice Clarett is an idiot. He is going to prison. He shouldn't have broken the law, he shouldn't have tried to get into the NFL early, and he shouldn't have taken gifts from Ohio State. However, this article by Scoop Jackson really puts you in Maurice Clarett's shoes. Read the whole thing. (Sorry again for not putting anything related to Bruins hockey. If you haven't done so already, I would definitely recommend watching the top 5 goalie fights, and voting for the next New England Patriots touchdown song.)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vote for the new Patriots touchdown song

Vote now for the new Patriots touchdown song here! (The president of Bruins nation voted for song 2 by Blur.)

There isn't much to blog about today, so I'll leave you with this: Yesterday the Red Sox finally won a game and the Patriots finally lost a game! (but it was pre season so it doesn't matter) Hopefully there'll be more news tomorrow, in the meantime check out the top five goalie fights!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Top 5 goalie fights

I found this on YouTube, enjoy:

Nice job Rask and Kessel

Apparently Boston Bruins prospects Rask and Kessel are good!

Five in a row!!!

Wow the Red Sox are in a slump. It's just pathetic, they got swept by the worst team in baseball. I was worried when all of our players got injured that we would start losing. But I immediately dismissed that because I looked at the schedule and saw that we were playing Cleveland, Tampa Bay, and Kansas City. I figured we could stack up on wins and then when we started playing the good teams it wouldn't be that bad. Boy was I wrong. The Sox lost 2 of 3 to Cleveland, 2 of 3 to Tampa Bay, and as I said, they were swept by Kansas City! This really stinks, I am truly hoping this is the year the Yankees take the Wild Card. (Or maybe even not make the playoffs!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lowell Devils?

I have to make this a quick entry because I've just read that blogger is having a "scheduled outage" in like 10 minutes!

I was on the AHL website the other day wondering how many teams were in New England (it's 8) when I found out that the Lowell team changed their name. I am actually a Lowell fan (I'm a fan of all Massachusetts teams) so this came as a surprise. Apparently after the New Jersey Devils bought the team they renamed it. I liked the name Lowell Lock Monsters. It was a cool name. However the new Lowell Devils team logo is awesome.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Harry Sinden is president no more

Boston Bruins legend Harry Sinden has decided to step down as president of the team. He is now the senior advisor for Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the Boston Bruins. You can click on the link and read the article if you're interested, however it isn't a must.

In other Boston Sports news, the Boston Celtics announced today that team captain and five time all-star Paul Pierce had successful elbow surgery. This is good news. We need Paul Pierce to score 30 a game or else the Celtics won't even be able to have a season with only 30 wins. Without Pierce, the celtics would probably win 14 games all season. (Don't get all in my face about this, I know they won 33, however I wanted to use a round number.)

Also in sports news, NFL owners voted Roger Goodell to be the next NFL commissioner after Paul Tagliabue retired earlier this year.

Also in sports news, Maurice Clarett proves once again he is an idiot. Have a nice time in Jail Maurice.

Also in just regular news, congratulations to Ned Lamont for winning the Connecticut Democratic senate primary.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Basketball is now "The Official Sport of the Commonwealth"

Mitt Romney today, in front of a class of fourth graders who thought up the bill, signed legislation officially making Basketball "The Official Sport of the Commonwealth".

I don't agree with this bill. It's cute and all that a fourth grade class came up with the bill, but in the end I don't like the idea of Basketball being the official sport of the place where I live. Actually I don't think there should be an official sport for the state of Massachusetts. This isn't Ottawa where all they have is Hockey. If basketball was all we had, then I would be okay with it being the official sport, but it's not. Here in Massachusetts we have every sport. Yes I understand that basketball was invented in Massachusetts, but so was Volleyball. Most people don't know that volleyball was invented in Amherst. Why can't Volleyball be our official sport. How about baseball? Baseball is already our entire nation's national pastime, and the Boston Red Sox have more fans then any other professional sports team in the world. Football, Hockey, and Soccer I don't think should be our official sports. Canada has already claimed hockey as their sport. Football should probably go to Texas, Friday Night Lights is the only piece of evidence I need. And Soccer is the official sport of everywhere else in the world. This is America, we like every other sport more then soccer.

I have sort of gotten off track so let me re-group. Massachusetts, the state I call home, shouldn't have an official sport. Every sport is liked in Massachusetts. Just because basketball was invented here shouldn't make it our state sport. It's great and all that fourth graders were able to come up with this idea, but basketball just isn't the Bay State's sport, officially or unofficially.

Also to all you Boston Bruins fans in the fine state of Connecticut, go and vote today. Also if anyone knows how the Pan-massachusetts challenge went please e-mail me. (Don't say it went well, I'm looking to find out how much money was raised.)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Bruins sign 3 free agents

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced today that the Bruins signed free agents Milan Jurcina (defenseman), Nathan Dempsey (defenseman), and Pascal Pelletier (left wing). These signings are good. I don't know the exact contracts but I'm pretty sure that these players were not expensive, yet these guys will help our team. These guys aren't huge goal scorers but they'll help out doing the little things. And if that doesn't work I'm sure Providence would love to have these guys, the P Bruins need to make a playoff run, they've had decent players most years but can't seem to make things happen. It would be really cool to have the Bruins organization have both the Stanley Cup and the Calder Cup (a 2010 Olympic gold medal would be pretty cool too!). Anyway, on to my analysis:

First up is Defenseman Nathan Dempsey. He's first because he is the only one of the three that I had never heard of before today. Apparently he is been in the NHL for a bunch of seasons now and has not wowed anyone, but his numbers aren't benchable numbers. Personally I see this guy going to the Providence Bruins, mainly because we have a lot of defensemen right now (I think the count is at 11). One thing though is that I don't know our new coach Dave Lewis. Coach Lewis might like Dempsey and decide to keep him, I just don't know.

Next is left wing Pascal Pelletier. Pelletier I didn't know of until last season when the Providence Bruins went to the playoffs. I now know who he is because he did very well in the AHL playoffs, picking up two goals and four assists in six games with the P Bruins. I don't really know however if Pelletier will play as a Boston Bruin or a Providence Bruin, but wherever he plays I still think it was a good free agent pick-up by Chiarelli.

Last is Defenseman Milan Jurcina. Jurcina I do know of because he played with the Boston Bruins for most of last season. His numbers don't look great but there are two statistics that I love about this guy. Well there not really statistics. First is his age. He's 23! I love signing young players that look promising. My second reason for liking the fact that he's with us is that he played in 51 Boston Bruins games last season. He's 23, already knows how to play as a Bruin, and he's good. What else could you ask for in an inexpensive free agent.

All in all, they were all great free agent signings by Chiarelli and the Boston Bruins.

First August weekend is over

As I go to sleep tonight, officially ending the first weekend of August, I get to announce some good news. Boston Celtics forward Al Jefferson's surgery on his right ankle was a success. He is expected to be all set to play by the start of pre-season training. Also something to note: I, the president of Bruins nation officially reported this story before the CelticsBlog. However the Celticsblog is more successful and much bigger than the Boston Bruins Blog, so me beating them to a story is like the Newton Tab beating the Boston Globe to a story. It's impressive, but in the end nobody really cares. Good night everyone. I hope your weekend was as fun as mine.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Red Sox 9th inning comeback fails

Last night's Sox game was hard to watch at first, then got really exciting in the ninth, only to end with myself swearing like crazy at the TV. Let me give you a recap of the ninth inning: The score is Devil Rays 8 Red Sox 4 to start the inning. First up for the Sox is Coco Crisp. He grounds out to second. Second up is Mark Loretta. He does what he always does and hits a double into left field. Then up to the plate comes David Ortiz. He hits what for most would be a double, but Ortiz can only make it to first. Good enough for me. Loretta from second scores and the score is 8-5 devil rays with one out in the ninth. Then up comes Manny Ramirez. He singles up the middle moving Ortiz to second. Now there is a man on first and second with one out in the ninth. Next up is Kevin Youkilis. He does what he always does and the Greek god of walks (who came up with this nickname, please e-mail me if you know) gets four balls thrown at him. This being after an intense 3-2 count with a really close to the line foul ball. Now the bases are loaded with one out in the ninth. Ortiz at third, Ramirez at second, and Youkilis at first. Now up to the plate, representing the winning run is Javy Lopez. Javy Lopez hits a ground ball to the shortstop who then throws it to second base, then the second baseman throws it first base for the text book double play and the Red Sox lose 8-5. Great job Javy Lopez, your really showing Red Sox nation why you should be playing. I'm praying that Mirabelli and Varitek get better soon. Lopez still is hitless with the Sox and every runner on the Devil Rays stole second easily.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

No More Tanabe

Peter Chiarelli and the Boston Bruins today officially announced they will not re-sign Defenseman David Tanabe. Two days ago an arbitration judge awarded Tanabe a one year 1.275 million dollar contract. Bruins GM Chiarelli exercised the "walk away" option that is given to the team after an arbitration ruling. David Tanabe is now officially an unrestricted free agent. This is sad news, I liked David Tanabe, he was very good. He was not worth 1.275 million though, that is for sure. If I was the arbitration judge I would have awarded him a one year 900,000 dollar contract.

I'm still a Landis fan

Floyd Landis' "B" test has officially come back positive. This sucks. I still think he is innocent, there are many explanations why on one day he had high testosterone. Plus every other time he was tested, including after he won the 2006 Tour De France, his tests came back negative. It's just not possible for him to put illegal substances inside himself and only have it come back on a test once. Anyway it sucks for Floyd though because his name is forever tainted, even if he is found innocent. No matter what though, I stand by Landis. In my eyes, he is innocent until proven guilty. He is innocent until any and all doubts in my mind are quenched by evidence.

Good luck to all at the PMC

I, the president of Bruins nation, wish the best of luck to the Boston Bruins bike team in today and tomorrow's Pan-Massachusetts challenge. Actually, I wish the best of luck to all Bikers on all teams in this weekend's 192 mile charity bike race. This event is a fantastic one and all the money goes to fighting cancer. Everybody involved in the PMC deserves a pat on the back.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Brad Boyes is staying with the B's

Brad Boyes is officially playing for the Boston Bruins next season. Our new general manager Peter Chiarelli announced earlier today that Brad Boyes, a member of last year's NHL all rookie team, signed a multi-year contract with the B's. This is just music to my ears. Brad Boyes is such a great hockey player, and probably was our most consistant player last year. He played in all 82 games and was second on the team in points with 69. I'm sure, as long as he doesn't get injured, that he is going to supply the Boston Bruins with many more years of amazing hockey. Good job Pete!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's so freaking hot!

Today was miserable. How does it get so darn hot in the Boston area. Today it reached something like 104 with a heat index (whatever that means) of 115!!! I really did just want to sleep all day. I don't know if this happens to everyone, but I cannot stay awake when it's hot outside. Not only that but I had to go to the bathroom every hour because I was just downing bottle after bottle of water. One good thing does come out of it being so hot, and that is that when I walk somewhere I'll never get lost. That is because when I walked somewhere today, a line of dripping sweat followed me. Sorry to those who are disgusted by that image. The heat also messes with my sense of humor. Lets hope it's not as bad tomorrow.

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