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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Basketball is now "The Official Sport of the Commonwealth"

Mitt Romney today, in front of a class of fourth graders who thought up the bill, signed legislation officially making Basketball "The Official Sport of the Commonwealth".

I don't agree with this bill. It's cute and all that a fourth grade class came up with the bill, but in the end I don't like the idea of Basketball being the official sport of the place where I live. Actually I don't think there should be an official sport for the state of Massachusetts. This isn't Ottawa where all they have is Hockey. If basketball was all we had, then I would be okay with it being the official sport, but it's not. Here in Massachusetts we have every sport. Yes I understand that basketball was invented in Massachusetts, but so was Volleyball. Most people don't know that volleyball was invented in Amherst. Why can't Volleyball be our official sport. How about baseball? Baseball is already our entire nation's national pastime, and the Boston Red Sox have more fans then any other professional sports team in the world. Football, Hockey, and Soccer I don't think should be our official sports. Canada has already claimed hockey as their sport. Football should probably go to Texas, Friday Night Lights is the only piece of evidence I need. And Soccer is the official sport of everywhere else in the world. This is America, we like every other sport more then soccer.

I have sort of gotten off track so let me re-group. Massachusetts, the state I call home, shouldn't have an official sport. Every sport is liked in Massachusetts. Just because basketball was invented here shouldn't make it our state sport. It's great and all that fourth graders were able to come up with this idea, but basketball just isn't the Bay State's sport, officially or unofficially.

Also to all you Boston Bruins fans in the fine state of Connecticut, go and vote today. Also if anyone knows how the Pan-massachusetts challenge went please e-mail me. (Don't say it went well, I'm looking to find out how much money was raised.)


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