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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Red Sox 9th inning comeback fails

Last night's Sox game was hard to watch at first, then got really exciting in the ninth, only to end with myself swearing like crazy at the TV. Let me give you a recap of the ninth inning: The score is Devil Rays 8 Red Sox 4 to start the inning. First up for the Sox is Coco Crisp. He grounds out to second. Second up is Mark Loretta. He does what he always does and hits a double into left field. Then up to the plate comes David Ortiz. He hits what for most would be a double, but Ortiz can only make it to first. Good enough for me. Loretta from second scores and the score is 8-5 devil rays with one out in the ninth. Then up comes Manny Ramirez. He singles up the middle moving Ortiz to second. Now there is a man on first and second with one out in the ninth. Next up is Kevin Youkilis. He does what he always does and the Greek god of walks (who came up with this nickname, please e-mail me if you know) gets four balls thrown at him. This being after an intense 3-2 count with a really close to the line foul ball. Now the bases are loaded with one out in the ninth. Ortiz at third, Ramirez at second, and Youkilis at first. Now up to the plate, representing the winning run is Javy Lopez. Javy Lopez hits a ground ball to the shortstop who then throws it to second base, then the second baseman throws it first base for the text book double play and the Red Sox lose 8-5. Great job Javy Lopez, your really showing Red Sox nation why you should be playing. I'm praying that Mirabelli and Varitek get better soon. Lopez still is hitless with the Sox and every runner on the Devil Rays stole second easily.


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