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Monday, August 07, 2006

Bruins sign 3 free agents

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced today that the Bruins signed free agents Milan Jurcina (defenseman), Nathan Dempsey (defenseman), and Pascal Pelletier (left wing). These signings are good. I don't know the exact contracts but I'm pretty sure that these players were not expensive, yet these guys will help our team. These guys aren't huge goal scorers but they'll help out doing the little things. And if that doesn't work I'm sure Providence would love to have these guys, the P Bruins need to make a playoff run, they've had decent players most years but can't seem to make things happen. It would be really cool to have the Bruins organization have both the Stanley Cup and the Calder Cup (a 2010 Olympic gold medal would be pretty cool too!). Anyway, on to my analysis:

First up is Defenseman Nathan Dempsey. He's first because he is the only one of the three that I had never heard of before today. Apparently he is been in the NHL for a bunch of seasons now and has not wowed anyone, but his numbers aren't benchable numbers. Personally I see this guy going to the Providence Bruins, mainly because we have a lot of defensemen right now (I think the count is at 11). One thing though is that I don't know our new coach Dave Lewis. Coach Lewis might like Dempsey and decide to keep him, I just don't know.

Next is left wing Pascal Pelletier. Pelletier I didn't know of until last season when the Providence Bruins went to the playoffs. I now know who he is because he did very well in the AHL playoffs, picking up two goals and four assists in six games with the P Bruins. I don't really know however if Pelletier will play as a Boston Bruin or a Providence Bruin, but wherever he plays I still think it was a good free agent pick-up by Chiarelli.

Last is Defenseman Milan Jurcina. Jurcina I do know of because he played with the Boston Bruins for most of last season. His numbers don't look great but there are two statistics that I love about this guy. Well there not really statistics. First is his age. He's 23! I love signing young players that look promising. My second reason for liking the fact that he's with us is that he played in 51 Boston Bruins games last season. He's 23, already knows how to play as a Bruin, and he's good. What else could you ask for in an inexpensive free agent.

All in all, they were all great free agent signings by Chiarelli and the Boston Bruins.


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