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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Isbister joins Tanabe

The Carolina Hurricanes announced today that they've signed former Bruins player Brad Isbister to a one year deal. Brad Isbister now joins David Tanabe in the elite club of former Bruins who have signed with the Hurricanes this week.

In Red Sox news, Curt Schilling recorded his 3,000th strike-out against the Oakland Athletics. It sucks though that it was in a losing effort. The A's downed the Red Sox 7-2, handing the Red Sox their sixth straight loss. In the Red Sox's last seven series, five of them have been sweeps. Four of them against the Red Sox, (Kansas City, New York, Seattle, and Oakland) and one of them for the Red Sox (Baltimore.)

Also yesterday I enabled Haloscan comments on this blog. So comment away Bruins nation.


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