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Friday, October 17, 2008

Two videos and some thoughts

The Anaheim Ducks are 0-4-0 and the Philadelphia Flyers are 0-3-1. I'm loving it. Everyone picked the Ducks to do well, I didn't. Although it has only been four games, the Ducks are not playing well. Meanwhile the Flyers suck too. I hate the Flyers, and I picked them to miss the playoffs as well. I honestly could not care less whether he Ducks sink or swim, but I really want the Flyers to continue to lose. Their dirty style of hockey is unacceptable.

Also, as i type this the Columbus Blue Jackets are playing their first home game of the season. This means that the Bruins have the last home opener in the NHL.

My first video is Shawn Thornton vs. Georges Laraque. You can decide who won.

And of course, Sarah Palin being booed by Flyers fans:


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