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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wideman signs! Chiarelli is smarter than I thought

So last night I wrote about a rumor from sportsnet that turned out to be false. This morning, however, it is being reported that Dennis Wideman has signed a 4 year 15.5 million dollar contract. The genius on Peter Chiarelli's part is that Dennis Wideman will make 3.25 million next year, 3.75 million in 09-10, 4 million in 2010-11, and 4.5 million in 2011-2012.

This contract is perfect. Next year he is making what I think he deserves. He is still pretty young and should continue to improve. If he continues to improve, then we've just locked up a great puck-moving defenseman for what could be a steal (just look at what Brian Campbell and Wade Redden signed for). If he fails to meet expectations, then the Bruins can easily buy out of this contract and get a lot back.

The Bruins right now are just about 1 million dollars over the cap. So what will happen? If I'm Chiarelli, I'd buy out Peter Schaefer. Many fans want Murray gone, and some even want a combination of Thornton and Reich waved. Stay tuned to see what happens.


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