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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rumor: Wideman back on board for 3.9 mil a year

The reason this report from sportsnet is considered a rumor is because Chiarelli has sort of denied it.

The report claims that Dennis Wideman has signed a 4 year 15.75 million dollar contract with the Boston Bruins. this means that Wideman will cost the Bruins 3.9 mil annually. That puts the Bruins, according to my calculations, 1.5 million above the cap. That means that the Bruins will have to buy out Murray, or buy out a combination of Schaefer and Reich or Schaefer and Thornton. I'm not sure of all the rules, though, so it may be possible that Chiarelli can rework some contracts to allow everyone to play.

If there are any buy-outs, they will come soon (keep in mind that trades and AHL assignments are another way to stay under the cap) so stay tuned!


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