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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Peace out, Muzz

It's official. Peter Chiarelli has bought out the final year of Glen Murray's contract. Muzz is now an unrestricted free agent, and the Bruins are now about 1.2 million dollars under the salary cap.

Although last season was mediocre, and the two seasons before that he had problems staying healthy, Glen Murray did have a bunch of quality seasons with the Bruins. Fans should not forget that. Murray had 41 goals in '01-'02, 44 goals in '02-'03, and 32 goals in '03-'04. The Bruins made the playoffs all three of those season, something that probably would not have happened without the help of Glen Murray.

I would have liked to keep Murray. Lord knows the Bruins need to score more goals. But with the money Glen Murray was going to make next season (another huge O'connell error), it was just too hard to keep him around. So long, Muzz, Bruins Nation wishes you the best.


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