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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Game 67: Bruins lose big time to Maple Leafs 8-2, are 35-25-7

Game 67 was the third game in a terrible three game stretch. The Bruins lost game 65-67 by a combined score of 19-4, going 0-2-1 in the process. Game 65 was a blowout in Washington, game 66 was an overtime loss to Florida, and game 67 was a disaster at the Garden. The Maple Leafs suck, we all know that, yet the Bruins were crushed by them!

I went to this game and was really excited to see an original six & Northeast division rival get beat. I love making fun of Toronto fans. (Toronto fans are very passionate, and are routinely disappointed. Maple Leafs fans are what Red Sox fans used to be) Yet this game ended up being one of two games all season that I left early from (the first was when I knew the Bruins would win and I wanted to see the Red Sox in the playoffs). The Bruins started off very well after a good play led to Peter Schaefer scoring. The Bruins defense and Tim Thomas really fell apart in the second and third periods to give the Maple Leafs an easy win.

Apparently Phil Kessel scored in the end but I was long gone by the time he sent the puck into the net. This is one game we will forget.


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