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Sunday, July 27, 2008

23 games to go

As the loyal Bruins Nation readers know, towards the end of last season my life got really busy and I was unable to keep up the blog. Although I continued to watch every Bruins game, I was unable to post game summaries, which is what Bruins Nation has become known for.

What I have decided to do until the start of the season is to post game summaries for the 23 games that I missed. I have a tremendous memory when it comes to hockey, so I should be able to remember the games just by looking at the box score, but if I have forgotten a specific game, the highlight reels on and the notes I took on the players throughout the season should be able to jog my memory. I am going to date each of the 23 game summary posts for May 1st, 2008. So just click on the "May 2008" link on the right to find the game summaries. Do not click on the "Bruins Nation Game Summaries" link, that one is a link to the game summaries for the 06-07 season


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