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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Draft

I would consider myself an expert on the Bruins, yet I cannot make heads or tails of what the Bruins did this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, the Bruins drafted five centers and a goalie. I thought for sure that the Bruins would go after defensemen. Actually, I thought the Bruins might trade up to draft a defenseman who would be near NHL-ready. Here's the rundown:

1st round (16 overall) Joe Colborne: A 6-foot-5 center from Calgary, the man is huge but apparently has to bulk up (he's at 190 now). He'll be playing at the University of Denver next season.

2nd round (47 overall) Maxime Sauve: Another center, this one born in France but grew up in Montreal. Sauve has the same birthday as Colborne, but is not nearly as big (6 feet, 170 pounds). Sauve scored 65 points in 70 games for his junior club last season. Sauve is also the cousin of goalie Phillipe Sauve, who played for the Bruins during the 2006-2007 season.

3rd round (77 overall) Michael Hutchinson: a 6-foot-3 goalie from Ontario who was ranked 5th among North American goalies in the draft. Hutchinson will probably play another season in the OHL.

4th round (97 overall) Jamie Arniel: The Bruins traded to picks to draft this center from Ontario. Arniel was ranked the 20th best skater from North America in the draft. Arniel was also the teammate of Steve Stamkos, the number one pick in the draft. With Stamkos gone, Arniel will probably be the go to guy for his OHL team.

6th round (173 overall) Nicholas Tremblay: a center from Ottawa who scored 110 points in 57 games for his CJHL team. At 20 years old, Tremblay is the oldest player the Bruins drafted.

7th round (197 overall) Mark Goggin: a 17 year old from Chicago, Goggin has not even entered his senior year of high school. While attending high school next season, Goggin will play for the Chicago Steel of the USHL. After his senior year, Goggin plans to attend Dartmouth. Chiarelli must have really seen something to take a chance on a kid so young.

So there you have it. Six players were drafted over the weekend by the greatest team in all of sports.


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