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Friday, June 20, 2008

Back in Business

Hello Bruins Nation!! I'm back and staying this time. Life got in the way 3/4 of the way into last season and I could not be more sorry about ditching the blog.

I did watch every game last season, however, and what I've decided to do is to write at least one game summary every day this summer until I have summarized all 89 games the Bruins played last season. I'll also be here to cover the free agency season (which starts July 1st) and the draft (which starts TONIGHT). As for the 50 other bloggers who sent me emails while I was gone, I will add those of you who have appropriate blogs to my blogroll within the week.

Since I've been gone, the Detroit Red Wings captured the Stanley Cup. Once the Bruins were eliminated, I started to root for Dallas, who had a nice run but lost to the Wings. In the finals, I became an avid Penguins fan; a lot of good that did me (it also lost me quite a bit of money).

Also, the Boston Celtics won the NBA championship. I attended the parade yesterday, it was amazing. I can't wait until the Bruins have their own parade down Boylston. The pressure is definitely on Chiralli now. He is the GM of the only Boston sports team (soccer & lacrosse don't count) that has not won a championship in the last four years.

I'm back, Go Bruins


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