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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I feel bad for all those who live in Montreal...

DAMMIT!!! What the hell is wrong with the Bruins when they play Montreal. It's pitiful. Worst of all was the play of Zdeno Chara. Chara blew his coverage during three of Montreal's four goals in the Habs' 4-2 win. He wasn't ready mentally for a montral-Boston game. Hopefully he can shape up for the rematch on Saturday.

...because it is the ugliest and just all around worst city in Canada. (and FYI, everyone outside of Montreal, and some in Montreal, agree with me)

I'm about to head off to the Garden to watch the Bruins take on the Habs. Tim Thomas will start and Zdeno Chara is a game time decision. I am one of the very lucky hockey fans who bought tickets to all four Habs-Bruins games in Boston. I'm psyched, and already shaking in anticipation. I love this rivalry. The defensive lines are unknown because Chara may or may not play, here are the offensive lines:


I'll catch up with the game summaries soon. Go Bruins!!!


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