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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Game 64: Bruins beat Thrasher 3-2 in a shootout, are 35-23-6

Six game win streak! I though this game would be another blow-out. It wasn't, but I'm still happy. The Bruins played much better than the Thrashers did. It was clear throughout the game that the Bruins were the better team. The Bruins just had an odd game-plan. It looked like their strategy was to shoot from the outside as often as possible. The Bruins, however, kept missing the net. They were shooting too high, and it really limited the Bruins scoring chances. the defense was strong though. Despite the lack of scoring opportunities, Tim Thomas and the Bruins defense made sure a Marion Hossa-less hockey team would not win the game.

6:06 into the first period, the Bruins took the lead when Marc Savard fed the puck to Glen Murray in front of the net. Murray then backhanded the puck in. 35 seconds later the lead was lost. The referee made a horrible call saying that Ilya Kovalchuck deserved a penalty shot. Kovalchuck clearly dove forward for no reason. Anyway, Kovalchuck put a beautiful shot past Thomas. Nobody scored again until alte in the second period when a hit on Ference cause a two-on-one breakaway. Jim slater scored and the Thrashers had the lead.

The Bruins continued to look like the better team in the third period. Playing better finally paid off when David krejci was able to lift a puck over Johan Hedburg while Krejci was falling to the ice. The game was tied and heading into Overtime.

the goalies stole the show in OT. Tim Thomas and Johan Hedburg made tremendous saves to keep the game tied. In the shootout, Tim Thomas saved three quality shots from Kozlov, Christensen, and Kovalchuck. Meanwhile Phil Kessel was able to get the puck past Hedburg (on a broken play) and win the game for the Bruins.

The next four Bruins games are the Capitals, Panthers, Maple Leafs, and Capitals again. All three are non-playoff teams. The Bruins could have a ten game winning streak come this time next week!


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