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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Game 56: Bruins play very poorly, lose to Hurricanes 3-2, are 28-23-5

Say hello to 9th place Boston Bruins. In December we were in 4th place and seemed to be getting better. Now we just lost to Carolina again, and are in 9th place.

Last night the Bruins played as if they were 90 year old men. Absolutely no energy. The team was slow, passing was awful, and Alex Auld had a very bad first period. The pee wee hockey players that played in between periods completed more crisp passes than the Bruins did. The two goals that the Bruins got, both by Shawn Thornton (who otherwise I thought played pretty poorly, missing a few great oportunities), were pure luck.

All 15,300 fans at the Garden saw the Bruins get obliterated in the first period. Alex Auld was at the bottom of his game. The first goal was just a shot that he didn't see. The second was iffy. Andrew Ladd may have kicked it in, I really couldn't see. Auld should have been able to save it otherwise. When Auld finally did make a save, the Garden crowd applauded in sarcasm.

The Bruins played without energy in the second period as well. Very late in the period, the Hurricanes extended their lead when Sergei Samsonov (who has been excellent for Carolina) skated circles around the defense and scored.

The third period featured the same poor hockey, however the Bruins did get lucky. With about five minutes left, Shawn Thornton's shot hit off the pad of Cam Ward and went in. Something like 15 seconds later, A shot went through the legs of Ward and stuck right in front of the blue line. Shawn Thornton shoved in the puck and had his second goal of the game. It was very lucky for the Bruins that Cam Ward couldn't stop that puck from going through his pads. The Garden crowd was so pumped up, we all thought the Bruins had a chance, but all they did was revert back to their piss poor hockey. They barely took any shots on net and the Carolina Hurricanes won.

I'm upset that I paid money to go see that shit! Well, that's the was sports work. Hopefully the Bruins can rebound tonight in Pittsburgh.


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