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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Game 54: Bruins beat Sabres in a shootout 3-2, are 28-21-5

When the Boston Bruins took the ice last night, they realized how important the game was, and they played with the necessary intensity. Although it was a huge comeback win, the Bruins were never at any point really outplayed. Alex Auld and the Bruins defense did a great job. Auld made great saves, and the Bruins defense really shut down Buffalo, allowing only 23 shots. On the other end of the ice, the Bruin offense was showing off their playmaking ability. The Bruins time and time againwere able to get off quality shots. What the offense was uanble to do was capitalize on those quality shots. When you go up against Ryan Miller, your shots have to be perfect. Last night the Bruins took 37 shots, including 17 in the third period (Buffalo took one shot in the third period). Also last night, the Bruins got help from Glen Murray, who had been absent for 19 games. Murray played very well alongside David Krejci and PJ Axelsson.

The first two periods were simple. The Bruins played well and could not capitalize on opportunities. Meanwhile Buffalo played okay and managed to score in the last minute of each of the first two periods. One by Spacek and one by Vanek.

In the third period, athe Bruins cut the lead in half 57 seconds in. Zdeno Chara's drive with Murray setting the screen went in. Then later in the period, a bad pass by Buffalo went to Marc Savard. Savard found Sturm streaking towards the net with Kessel by his side. Sturm got the puck and shot it past Miller.

The game went into overtime, which was inconclusive. A very impressive shootout by the Bruins followed. Kotalik went first and got his shot saved by Alex Auld. Marco Sturm went next and had his shot stopped by the post. Tallinder went next and had his shot saved by Auld. Phil Kessel skated onto the ice for Boston. He approached Ryan Miller, deked left, and attempted to pull back and shoot forehand like he always does. He missed the puck however when he went to pull back. The only explination for what happened next is that a hockey angel had blessed Phil Kessel because the pcuk somehow trickled in on Kessel's blown shot. Derek Roy went third for the Sabres, but Alex Auld saved his shot, and the Bruins won the game. Alex AUld was sensational in the shootout with three great saves. The Bruing bench skated onto the ice and mobbed him right in the center of the HSBC Arena.

Hopefully momentum from this comeback win can lift the Bruins over Florida tonight (and maybe over Carolina and Pittsburgh on Tuesday and Wednesday).


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