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Sunday, January 27, 2008

the day before the all star game

Tonight the NHL had its fun little skills competition and young-stars game. Once again the Bruins did very well. Tim Thomas had a solid day in net, Milan Lucic scored in the Young-stars game, Marc Savard did very well in his saucer passing contest, and Zdeno Chara won the hardest shot competition for the second year in a row with an amazing 103.1 MPH shot.

What I was most impressed with, however, was the job the Versus guys did. They had microphones inside the masks of Manny Legace and Rick Dipietro. Both men gave some good commentary during the events. Rick Dipietro did slip a little though. After saving a shot in the break-away competition, Rick Dipietro skated off and told Tim Thomas to take his place. He went on to say, "I fucked up my hip again" on national television. I hope the former BU star and first round pick is okay to continue playing. It would be a huge tragedy for the New York Islanders if Rick Dipietro injured himself during the all-star break.

According to Fluto Shinzawa, Marc Savard will center Ilya Kovalchuck and Marian Hossa. Who knows, if the trade rumors have any validity, maybe Savard centering Hossa permanently isn't that far away.

In case anyone was wondering, the East beat the crap out of the West. It was something like 10-6. Alexander Ovechkin won the break-away (AKA flashy moves) contest when twice he tried to baseball swing the puck into the net. (He missed both times, but the judges rewarded the effort.)


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