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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Game 38: Bruins get humiliated by Thrashers 5-0, are 18-16-4

This is getting hard to stomach. I know the team is hurt, but Boston College would probably be able to take more then 1 point out of 6 games. The Bruins came out looking like they wanted to win, but ended up scoring 5 goals on themselves. Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen was the only Thrasher that played exceptional hockey.

Early in the first period, Jeremy reich got into a fight with Thorburn. Reich won the fight early, but then Thorburn got an arm loose, punched Reich a couple times, and then got the takedown. 7 seconds later Shawn Thornton and Boulton squared off. Thornton got in one punch but then Boulton tackled him. The Bruins looked like they wanted to end the losing streak, but then decided against it.

With 12:10 remaining in the first, A terrible pass from Ference turned into a bad turnover that went straight to Perrin. Kozlov then received a pass and tiped in the puck. A minute and a half later, Alex Auld went very far from the net to gather a puck. He fell and then couldn't get back before Holik scored. Alex Auld blew it again later in the period when pascal Dupuis was able to stuff in a puck past Auld's leg pad. Alex Auld and the entire team was bad int he first period, and the Bruins found themselves down 3-0.

Tim Thomas came in to play the second period, and did a little better. The key word there being little. On the power play, kovalchuck's drive should have been saved by Thomas, and then later in the game a shot by Alexei Zhitnik went over the shoulder of Thomas.

The Bruins lost the game 5-0. Boston's first shutout against of the season. During this losing streak the bruins had always been in the game. They've all been somewhat close. Not this one. It's clear that they would love to have Muzz, Albie, or Ward back with them.


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