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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bochenski's story

Update 6:58PM: Axelsson and Auld are playing. Here are the lines that Fluto Shinzawa saw on the ice:




Bochenski's story: I had heard this from a fan at a Bruins game earlier this season, but I couldn't confirm it and didn't think it was true. NESN confirmed it last night. The reason Brandon Bochenski hasn't been playing much started last season. Last season, Bochenski quickly made a name for himself as a sniper, but he felt that he was too small and wasn't enough of a presence. Over the off-season, he decided to gain a lot of muscle weight so that he could be more of a presence around the net. He accomplished that goal, but in the process lost some of his speed. Claude Julien's current system requires speed and excellent play in all three zones.

Brandon Bochenski has been struggling this year, but last night played next to Axelsson and Savard and played well. he took plenty of shots. Tonight, with Murray still out, Bochenski will probably play alongside Savard. If he keeps shooting he'll score eventually. The fate of his new line-mate is undetermined though. Axelsson's throat is swollen and is a game-time decision. The lines will probably be near the same, and I have no idea whether Auld or Thomas will start tonight.

The Bruins need two wins over Atlanta. GO BRUINS!


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