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Thursday, November 01, 2007

News in the Nation

• First, congratulations to the 2007 Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series. That World Series trophy will be at the Garden tonight. Hopefully in June the Stanley cup will be at Fenway.

• After his hit on Patrice Bergeron, Randy Jones was suspended for two games. That's bull shit. The Flyers are a dirty team and this hit was for the sole purpose of injuring Bergeron. Jones should have been punished just like Boulerice and Downey. On top of that, the NHL should have manned up and punished the Flyers organization (Boulerice, Downey, and Jones are on the Flyers). A hefty fine, or draft penalty, or something is in order. The NHL needs to grow a pair, the Philadelphia flyers are a disgrace to the National Hockey League and an embarrassment to anybody who enjoys watching hockey.

• Manny Fernandez sustained a minor injury during practice and Jordan sigalet of providence has been called up. Tim Thomas will start tonight.

The lines, without Bergeron, have changed drastically. Here they are, courtesy of John Bishop:

Lucic, Krejci, Thornton



I'm off to the game...Go Bruins!!!


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