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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Game 15: Bruins lose to Canadiens (yep, you guessed it) 2-1, are 7-6-2

I hate Montreal, I hate seeing those jack-ass Habs fans going home happy. The Garden had way to many Quebecois in it and I hate seeing them cheer.

Anyway, the forwards really struggled to capitalize on opportunities. The defense played great. Montreal's two goals were late in the first and early in the second. In the first period, a light shot trickled past Thomas to give the Habs the lead. Then in the second period, Plekanic skated right past the Bruins D and then put a nice fake on Thomas before easing the puck in. Marco Sturm after slapping at the pouck a couple times in front of the net, managed to get a rebound in and the Bruins had one on the board. The Bruins couldn't even capitalize when they had a full two minutes of 5 on 3! It was awful.

To make things worse: in the third period, Aaron Ward was knocked uncontious and lay flat on the ice (just like Bergeron did). The Garden was very quiet. Ward did wake up though and didn't need the stretcher.

Only one good thing came of this game, and that was Jeremy Reich's first fight of the season. He beat up Steve Begin (though Reich looked a little rusty).

Tim Thomas, who had some great saves, should have been able to save the Habs two goals. He played 4 games in 6 days. It would not surprise me if Tuuka Rask got the nod tonight against Buffalo.


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