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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Game 8: Bruins get demolished 6-1 in Montreal, are 5-3-0

OUCH! I hate the Canadiens. I always have and I always will. I was feeling great 'cause Red Sox made it to the world series, but Manny Fernandez crushed that. He, along with most of the Bruins team, were awful Monday night against the Habs. 6 different players scored on only 20 shots for the Habs. Meanwhile Denis Wideman was the only Bruins to score in 32 shots. His goal came on the power play when, after the Bruins were passing around the puck for a little while, he nailed the puck with a hard slap shot into the net. Nobody even started fight when things were looking down. I know Jeremy Reich would have, and I'm dissapointed that Shawn Thornton did not.

Most of all though, I am dissapointed in Manny Fernandez. NOt all of the goals were his fault, but a bunch of them were. He is making way too much money to be putting in mediocre performances. After four starts Fernandez is 2-2-0, giving up 16 goals (a GAA of 4) while making only 79 saves (a save percentage of 83.2). Tim Thomas on the other hand is 3-1-0 with a 1.26 GAA (1st in NHL, 5 goals in 4 games) and a save percentage of 96.2 (first in NHL). Manny Fernandez had a fantastic game against the Rangers on Saturday. Monday, however, proved that this is Tim Thomas's team. Claude Julien, please let Timmy play tomorrow against Chicago!

P.S. Go Red Sox!


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