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Monday, October 22, 2007

game 7: Bruins defeat Rangers 1-0 after shootout, are 5-2-0

What a game! By far the most intense game I have ever been to. Somehow Manny Fernandez and the Bruins defense managed to keep Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez, Avery, and Drury from scoring. Three periods went by and nobody was able to get one across the goal line. Mainly due to the Red Sox, the garden was not full, but whoever decided to skip this game really missed out.

Do I even have to say who it was that came up big in the shootout. Of course it was Phil Kessel. Kessel, after Bergeron and Sturm both missed and Fernandez stopped all three Ranger shots, sent the puck to the top of the net and won the game for the Bruins. The garden, as all of Bruins Nation can imagine, erupted!

The Bruins again had trouble getting shots off. I won't complain as long as the Defense keeps playing the way they are, but the bruins really should be shooting more. NYR had the game in control for most of the second and third period. With the stacked roster that the Rangers have, it is very dangerous to have to rely on defense. It worked though, and I'm happy.


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