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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Game 1: Bruins defeated by Stars 4-1, are 0-1-0

Terrible way to start off the season! Manny Fernandez and the entire Bruins defense made some huge mistakes. Even Fernandez said he was "disappointed" at his performance. Fernandez went on to say that he wasn't mentally prepared for the game, even though he was prepared physically. And, except for one great power play, Marty Turco and the Dallas Defense shut down the Bruins. Throughout the game Dallas just looked like a stronger team, it was hard to watch.

Besides for Bergeron's very nice power play goal, and a few nice saves by Fernandez, the only other thing I can say that I liked was the willingness of Thornton and Lucic to fight. Immediately after the Bruins went down 2-0, Shawn Thornton took down a much bigger Todd Fedoruk. Then, one second later, Milan Lucic won a great fight against a slightly bigger Brad Winchester. It was Lucic's first NHL game of his career.

The Bruins are playing in Phoenix tonight at 10:00. If you recall, last season the Bruins got crushed in their first game but came back to win the next night. Hopefully the Bruins will repeat that part of the season. (And Hopefully Julien will get it through his head that Thomas is a better goalie and put him in tonight)

Also, I hope everyone switched to the Sox game after the Bruins game. Manny Ramirez crushed a ball onto the Mass Pike to win it for the Red Sox 6-3 in the bottom of the ninth.


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