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Friday, October 12, 2007

Fernandez gets the nod

Update 1:30 AM: The Bruins beat the Kings 8-6! The summary post will be up late tomorrow, and it's going to be long. In the meantime, know this: Marc Savard was amazing and Phil Kessel had a hat-trick.

Claude Julien has decided to start Manny Fernandez tonight against the Los Angeles Kings. WHY? I don't get it! Fernandez has given up 4 goals in one game, while Thomas has given up 3 goals in two games. As long as Tim Thomas is playing well, leave him in!!! If Thomas has a bad game, THEN let Fernandez play. It doesn't matter whether Manny Fernandez is supposed to be the number one goalie, I just want the goalie who is playing the best to start. And right now that is Tim Thomas! There's nothing I can do about it now, so I hope Fernandez does well. Go Bruins!

Also, the Red Sox are crushing the Indians in game one of the American League Championship Series. They are currently up 10-2 in the 7th.


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