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Monday, October 01, 2007

Bruins lose 4-2 in third period collapse, Chiarelli makes cuts

Yesterday at the garden the Bruins played fantastic hockey...except for four very costly slip-ups. Skating was sharp, passing, shooting, and play making were all good. Even the defense played strong. It was just one defensive mistake in all three periods, plus a huge blunder by Fernandez with a minute left. Krejci scored in the first, and Murray in the second. Overall though I thought Chuck Kobasew was the best skater on the ice. Alberts and Stuart both got into fights during the game. Alberts beat up his guy in front of the Bruins bench, and Mark Stuart took down Islanders captain Bill Guerrin. I think after this game Coach Julien will be forced to start Thomas on Friday. Fernandez was having trouble keeping rebounds and he made a couple mistakes with the puck.

Today GM Peter Chiarelli announced that Nate Thompson, Peteri Nokolainen, and Matt Hunwick have been assigned to Providence. Jeff Hoggan was also placed on waivers.

So here are the lines that I have as of now. I cannot figure out a place to put in Axelsson or Lucic though, and I do think they both should play. Lucic could switch in and out with Thornton, Reich, or Metropolit on the tough guy line. That leaves Axelsson. The Bruins need PJ on the penalty kill, but I don't know who to take out.




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