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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toivonen traded to Blues for Carl Soderberg

Petey had another big day today. Both teams have now officially announced the trade. Goalie Hannu Toivonen for 21 year old center/winger Carl Soderberg. Soderberg played all of last season in Sweden after not making the Blues roster. he was supposed to play in the AHL however he chose not to and took a suspension in stride. Chiarelli said that he believes Soderberg will be competing for a spot in Boston, however if he doesn't get one Chiarelli doesn't know whether he will play in Providence or Sweden. Meanwhile Toivonen spent his entire season jumping around between Boston and Providence, not racking up great numbers in either city. The Finnish goalie led the PBruins into the second round of the Calder Cup playoffs, however after signing a "trade-able" one year contract earlier this offseason, and with the addition of Manny Fernandez, we all new this one was coming.

Also today, getting absolutely no attention at all, was the announcement by the Boston Bruins that Chiarelli resigned Winger Jeff Hoggan.


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