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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

PBruins win 2-1, and a sign from Dr. Cox

Last night, TJ Trevelyan scored a late goal in Providence to win game 3. That Puts the Providence Bruins up over the Manchester Monarchs 2-1 in the series. Hannu Toivonen had a great game, making 24 saves out of 25 shots. This team could really take the Calder Cup. The PBruins have a great defensive core, especially once Lashoff and company get healthy. Toivonen is playing great, and forwards like Jeff Hoggan and David Krejci are among the best in the AHL right now.

Also, with the Wings win on Monday night, the Conference championships are set to go. It will be 1. Buffalo Sabres vs. 4. Ottawa Senators in the east (going for the Prince of Whales trophy), and 1. Detroit Red Wings vs. 2. Anaheim Ducks (vying for the Clarence Campbell trophy). I picked Buffalo vs. Nashville at the beginning of the playoffs, so I have to pick another team to represent the west. I was leaning towards the Ducks for how they handled Vancouver, but I got a sign from the TV. While watching Scrubs on Comedy Central yesterday, Dr. Cox walked into church wearing a Red Wings jersey. That's all I needed. I am confident that the finals will be between Buffalo and Detroit (with Buffalo winnning).

Also, to the BC fans in the crowd: Doug Flutie today was just elected into the College Football Hall of Fame.


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