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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday went as the standings planned, Thursday did not

Game one of each of the conference Semi-finals has been completed. No upsets on Wednesday, but two on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Buffalo beat the Rangers in Buffalo 5-2. The game was really 4-1 but both teams traded goals in the last minute of play. Buffalo, especially in the second period, looked like a much stronger team than New York. The other game on Wednesday was a beating by the Anaheim Ducks of the Vancouver Canucks 5-1.

On Thursday, the Ottawa Senators pulled off an upset over the New Jersey Devils 5-4. New Jersey played a good solid game in the second and third period, but 4 Senators goals in the first period gave them the win. The other game of the evening was a quick one. The San Jose Sharks, with two goals early in the first period, defeated the Detroit Red Wings 2-0.


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