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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Series summaries after two games

Sorry about the inconsistency of posts recently. Anyway here is a very short recap of each playoff series so far.

Sabres-Islanders: (Tied 1-1)
Who knew how important Rick Dipietro is? In game one, Drury and Campbell crushed a Dipietro-less Islanders team 4-1. However in game two, with Dipietro, the Islanders took it to the Sabres and won 3-2.

Devils-Lightning: (Tied 1-1)
Zach Parise and Vincent Lecavalier each have three goals for their respective teams. New Jersey won the first one 5-3, Tampa won the second 3-2. Brodeur's been solid though, New Jersey should have this series easily.

Thrashers-Rangers: (NYR 2-0)
The Rangers just are a better team then the Thrashers, and they're proving it. The Rangers won the first won 4-3, just outplaying Atlanta in Atlanta. The second game was more interesting, New York's first goal in a 2-1 win was off of the luckiest bounce from a dump in going into a vacated net.

Senators-Penguins: (Tied 1-1)
The Senators crushed the Penguins in Game one 6-3. That's home ice for you. The Penguins had a great comeback win in game two, to win 4-3. The Penguins had 3 third period goals, with Sidney Crosby netting the game-winner.

Ducks-Wild: (Ana 2-0)
The Ducks won the first two 2-1 and 3-2 respectively. Game one was a nice comeback win with a late third period goal giving the Ducks the victory.

Canucks-Stars: (Tied 1-1)
This series has been amazing thus far. Game one went into four overtimes before a winner was decided. Roberto Luongo was incredible for Vancouver, making 72 saves. Late in the fourth OT, Henrik Sedin scored from his brother Daniel to give the Canucks a 5-4 win. In game two, Dallas won by scoring in the first minute of each of the first two periods to win 2-0.

(Tied 1-1)
Game one went into double overtime before the San Jose Sharks finally won 5-4. Game two was dominated by Nashville, however a very cheap hit from behind by Radulov got him suspended for game 3. Even though the Predators won game two 5-2, game three in my opinion is anyone's game.

Red Wings-Flames: (Det 2-0)
The Red Wings crushed the Flames 4-1 in game one. Game two has not been played yet. It is Sunday at 1:00 on NBC. Update: The Red Wings scored twice in the first four minutes, and eventually won the game 3-1. Miikka Kiprusoff and Dominik Hasek both played great in net.

You can find the playoff schedule here, along with links to each official NHL game summary.


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