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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Game 80: Bruins drop yet another game to the Habs 2-0, are 35-39-6

Last night featured a pretty good game. Both teams came out and played with great effort. The Canadiens just played better hockey. It's hard to explain. Even though the Bruins were trying probably harder than the Habs, the Canadiens still skated faster and crisper. Their passing was more accurate and their shots were better placed. Their defense covered better and their offense executed plays better. I hate to say it, but the Habs beat us in just about every part of the game. Hannu Toivonen played great, and kept the Bruins in it the entire time, but undisciplined hockey led to a lot of Montreal power plays, which ended up being the Bruins downfall. Jiroslav Halak also had himself a great game, him and Saku Koivu carried the Habs to a win over the Bruins, and now they are that much closer to closing in on the final playoff spot.

According to me, there were three highlights in the game. In the first period, Koivu on the power play, walked in and completely faked out Toivonen to give the Canadiens a 1-o lead. At the end of the second period, Dennis Wideman and Guillaume Latendresse had a fantastic fight. Latendresse had the early lead, and even had Wideman's jersey over his head. Wideman came back though, got his jersey off his head, and then started punching Latendresse until the linesman had to eventually break it up. Here's a link to the fight. Then later in the third period Koivu put the Canadiens up by two and the Habs won.


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