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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Game 79: Bruins lose to New Jersey 3-1, are 35-38-6

Just going through the motions. That is what the Bruins are doing. There was barely any attempt to score goals, and there was very little done to help out Tim Thomas. Timmy may be a little rusty, but no defense and no offense isn't helping him. The Bruins are basically leaving Thomas and Macdonald out to dry.

Sunday in New Jersey, the Bruins had only 18 shots. They came out of the locker room playing poor hockey. They didn't play as a team at all. There was no team chemistry! I'm no coach, but it looked like there was no strategy. The Bruins didn't play with their brains.

Two minutes into the first period, Jay Pandolfo shot a one timer underneath Tim Thomas. The Bruins did manage to tie up the game in the second period when Petr Kalus scored his third career NHL goal. Petr Kalus has three goals on three shots in his NHL career. From in front of my TV, it looks like Kalus is the only Bruin who is trying. Brian Gianta scored a goal a few minutes after Kalus's goal, then Jay Pandolfo scored again in the third period and the Devils won 3-1.

Hopefully the Bruins will bring more to Montreal. I want a win over the Canadiens. Montreal needs a win to help their playoff chances, I want the Bruins to stop the Canadiens playoff chances!


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