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Friday, March 30, 2007

Game 77: Bruins lose to Penguins 4-2, are 35-36-6

This game was a lot more fun to watch then the usual Bruins losses as of late. It was still a loss though. What started out as a great high scoring first period, led to a relatively dull second and third for the Bruins. The Bochenski-Kessel-Tenkrat line played great. They had the two goals and probably ten other really close scoring opportunitites. Thomas also didn't play great. That's odd because he had just won the 7th palyer award, but a couple of the Penguin goals were bad goals to give up.

Very early in the first period, Andrew Ference's shot from the point hit off the goalie, and Bochenski put the rebound in the goal. Minutes later though, a hard shot from the middle of the ice in the Bruins zone went by Thomas, tying the game. Then later in the period, Colby Armstrong's backhand shot went over the glove of Thomas and into the net, giving Pitt the 2-1 lead. Kessel answered with a goal a minute later though. He made a beautiful play behind the net. He skated with the puck behind the net, then came around and shot the puck in the air to the middle of the goal, it looked like a Pitt player eventually was what cause the puck to go in, but it was Kessel's great play that led to the goal. The only problem though was that 30 seconds later, the Penguins put one under TT's legs and the penguins took a 3-2 lead.

Nothing much happened in the second period and the third. The play was intense but the scoring that everyone thought would continue did not. Evgeni Malkin and his dream one line (with Crosby) added a goal late in the third and the Penguins won 4-2.

The Bruins play tomorrow at one against the Atlanta Thrashers. This is the second to last game at the garden, so if you can go, do go! Next Saturday's game against Ottawa (the last one at the garden) is probably already sold out.

Also, as I have mentioned before, congratulations to Tim Thomas for winning the Bruins seventh player award for the second consecutive year!


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