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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Game 75: Bruins get crushed by Penguins 5-0, are 34-35-6

Wow, absolutely crushed. I know we can't make the playoffs, but boys, don't throw away the season. Sidney Crosby scored two goals against us. He'd been shut down during the other two games this season, but not Sunday. Tim Thomas and the Bruins penalty kill gave up three power play goals in the first period. Joey Macdonald replaced Thomas in the second and the Bruins took a step backwards by allowing a shorthanded goal. The Bruins so far have allowed 18 SH goals this season, which is by far the highest (Pitt is in 2nd to last with 13). Crosby's second goal was in the third period, giving the Penguins the insurmountable 5-0 lead.

Dave Lewis was mad about the Bruins play in Sunday's game as well. He gave the Bruins a hell of a practice yesterday. The Bruins didn't even use a puck, they just sprinted throughout the practice. Dave Lewis came pretty close to saying that these guys don't even deserve to wear the spoked B.

Anyway, the Bruins take on the Ottawa Senators tonight (Tuesday night) at 7:30.


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