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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Game 73: Bruins lose to Canadiens again 6-3, are 34-34-5

When you don't play in the third period, you don't win. That's what the Bruins have been doing the entire season, and now they won't be making the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Though not mathematically out, I'm willing to throw in the towel at this point.

The Bruins scored three good goals in the first two periods. One on a nice play by Kessel, the other when Bochenski found Sturm next to Halak, and the last one when Kessel's shot was tipped in by Mark Mowers. Things were going great. Then sheer lack of effort, mental toughness, and emotion led to dumb penalties, which in turn gave Montreal (#1 PP in NHL) plenty of scoring chances which they capitalized on.

Though I am willing to say that this isn't the year we capture the cup, I don't want the Bruins to finish in 13th. I say we play hard the rest nine games, and maybe finish in tenth. It wouldn't surprise me if Lewis and Chiarelli decide to play Toivonen or experiment with young talent.

Next game is Saturday at 1:00 at the garden against the New York Rangers.


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