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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Game 66: Flat Bruins lose on a terrible call 2-0, are 32-29-5

The Bruins didn't exactly play like champions, but neither did Colorado. These teams were completely even. A terrible referree call gave the Avalanche the win, which sucks because the Bruins need all the points they can get. Nevertheless, not being able to score against the Avalanche is unnacceptable. The Bruins only took 21 shots, they had five power plays any numerous breakaways, but they couldn't get one into the net.

The first two periods were defense dominated. Thomas had some amazing saves, while Budaj had one great one on a Mark Mowers breakaway.

The third period is when the refs screwed the Bruins. Three minutes in, an Avalanche player came into the crease as the puck glided towards the corner of the ice. Then the puck was passed to the blue line to another Avalanche player while the first Avalanche player pushed Thomas to the side. A drive from the point then went into the net and the blind douchebag referees counted it. An empty net goal late in the game gave the Avs a 2-0 lead.

Also, Glen Murray reagravated his groin injury. He is "out indefinitely", and there is "no timetable at all" according to Dave Lewis.

One last Note: Since the 20-6-3 post, the Bruins are 8-4-1. So now to insure a playoff spot, I think the Bruins must go 12-2-2.


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