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Monday, February 26, 2007

Who to root for Montreal or Toronto?

I hate these games late in the season, no matter what happens a team that the Bruins (64 points, 11th place) need to jump over gains two points. Of course there has to be a team to root for though. Toronto (69 points 10th place) or Montreal (70 points 9th place)? What is even worse about a game like this is that one of the teams may gain momentum. Both the Habs and Leafs are slipping in the standings. One small positive that comes out of this lose-lose situation is that no matter what, the teams cannot both win. Only one will come out with two points, instead of possibly both if they were not playing eachother. So who do I root for? The Toronto Maple Leafs, for the sole reason that I hate the Montreal Canadiens.

Also playing tonight of course is the Boston Bruins. They are taking on the Atlanta Thrashers at the garden, and no amount of snow will stop me from going tonight.


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