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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jurcina traded, and some Game 50 pregame

Speak of the devil! I just wrote not twenty minutes ago about how the Boston Globe was reporting that Jurcina may be traded. I decided after writing the Game 49 game summary to check to see if their was any news about tonight's game. Well look what I found. Milan Jurcina earlier today was traded to the Washington Capitals for a fourth round pick in the 2008 draft.

The Bruins have plenty of good defense so Jurcina's loss doesn't really hurt the team, it's just that I think Jurcina will become a very good defensemen someday. He has a lot of potential. He has a great drive, a lot of power, and is only 23. I really can't see us getting someone of equal or greater value in the fourth round of the draft. Anyway, what Chiarelli needs to be doing is trading our good players for other good players. We've already traded Stastny and Jurcina for draft picks, when what we need is some talent now so we can get out of this 2007 slump. (The Bruins are 3-9-1 in the year 2007)

Game 50 tonight is at the garden against the Buffalo Sabres. I'll be there cheering for the Bruins because like most Bruins fans, I am not a fair-weather fan, and will be rooting for the Bruins even if they have a 50 game losing streak.

Here are the Lines according to Bish.
Sturm - Savard - Murray
Axelsson - Bergeron - Kessel
Mowers - Primeau - Donovan
Chistov - Boyes - Tenkrat

Chara - Alberts
Stuart - Mara
Allen - York


Krejci has a concussion from a very dirty hit put on him during Tuesday's game. I hope somebody tonight puts a nice hit on Mair for what he did to Krejci in his first NHL game.


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