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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Game 62: Bruins lose to Atlanta 3-2, are 30-28-4

Nothing really special happened in last night's game. It was pretty boring. The game itself really could have gone either way, no one team dominated the other. The only reason the Thrashers won was because a very lucky Marian Hossa shot deflected off the shinpad of Belanger (pronounced Be-lan-jay) in the third period.

Shean Donovan scored right out the gate for the Bruins. The Bruins penalty kill wasn't there last night though and Atlanta tied it up on the power play. Brad Boyes extended his recent hot streak when he was credited with a go-ahead goal late in the first. All three goals weren't anything out of the ordinary.

From there on in the Bruins had no offense. Very little scoring opportunities usually leads to zero goals scored, and that's what happened. Atlanta scored again on the power play, (Bruins were really struggling on the PK) and in the third they scored on a lucky goal that I already mentioned.

One of them Thomas himself kicked in the puck, a rare slip for Thomas. Anyway, the Bruins lost a key game. Next one is against Philadelphia on Thursday.

It looks like the Bruins are going to be making some trades before the deadline. I'll post a little later.


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