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Friday, February 02, 2007

Game 50: Bruins lose to Sabres 3-1, are 22-24-4

A much better game! Even though the garden seemed half empty, and a quarter of the fans there were Buffalo fans, it was still a fun game to go to. This was not the Bruins beating themselves like in the previous three games, this was just the Bruins losing to the best team in the league. The Bruins were firing the entire game, they played very aggressively, and put on a lot of huge hits. The passing wasn't quite there but it was an overall okay game for the Bruins.

In the first period, the Bruins scored two minutes into the game when Marco Sturm got the puck to trickle in between the legs of Biron.

The second period was far more interesting then the first. Chris Drury scored two goals in the first half of the period, one of them off of Brad Stuart's skate. Right after Buffalo took the lead, Lydman and Boyes, yes Brad Boyes, squared off in a fantastic fight. They each started throwing some punches then Boyes managed to grab Lydman's jersey and throw it over his head. Boyes then repeatedly pummeled Lydman with punches. It was by far the best fight of the season for the Bruins. It was textbook, when they teach kids to fight in "hockey school" in the future, they are going to show a video of Brad Boyes' fight, it was that perfect. The refs had to stop the fight after a while because Boyes was humiliating Lydman.

In the third period, with the Bruins still down, the defense let Pominville take a wide open slapshot that went past Thomas. Thomas, I thought at the time could have saved it, but after seeing replays of it, that shot was damn fast! The Bruins mustered two real good scoring attempts, but Biron saved them both and the Bruins lost 3-1.

If we play like we did last night, we'll beat Carolina tomorrow!

One last note: This was Brad Boyes' first NHL fight, so technically he is undefeated in that category, which is very impressive for a second year player.


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