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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Big win, and Big trade

I have no time now so this is going to be very quick. I'll have the usual game summary later. The Bruins beat the Islanders in a 9 round shootout, with Zdeno Chara scoring the winning shootout goal. Marco Sturm had a great game with two goals. Bergeron also had a goal and a shootout goal. Petr Tenkrat though is my MVP for his very clutch shootout goal with the game on the line.

Also, Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau were traded to the Calgary Flames for defensemen Andrew Ference and right-winger Chuck Kobasew. Stuart and Primeau, both free agents at the end of this season, were on the chopping block for financial reasons and talent reasons. Though I don't think Stuart and Primeau have had particularly bad years, they have not played as well as Bruins Nation members have hoped. Also, with both of them being free agents at the end of the season, and Chiarelli not being able to cut a contract deal, it was very likely both of them were going to walk at the end of the season, yielding the Bruins squat.

Andrew Ferrence and Chuck Kobasew are both talented players who are contractually obligated to the Bruins until at least the end of next season. Ferrence is a hard hitting 27 year old defensemen with good skating ability. And Kobasew is a fast 24 year old winger, a quality Dave Lewis will be sure to take advantage of. Kobasew is injured however and will most likely not be in a game for a couple of weeks.

I got to go! More will come...


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