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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Player of the week

Sorry this is a little late.

I'm a Bruins defensemen
Usually I play next to Brad,
But this week I played next to Jurcina
While Stuart was becoming a dad.

I played 73 minutes with two goals and two assists
My +2 for the week shows I was playing with flare-a
Yep you guessed it
My name is Paul mara.

Player of the week is Paul Mara. Sorry the rhyme sucks but nothing rhymes with Mara. Anyway Mara was one of three normal Bruins defensemen who played in all three games this week. (Jurcina and Alberts were the other two.) Mara did a great job filling in for the missing defensemen.

Boston at New York, at 2 today on NBC


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