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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Patriots win 24-21, Chistov will play tomorrow

Tom Brady sucks but the team still won, and that's what matters. Earlier today the Patriots defeated the top-seeded San Diego Chargers 24-21 in San Diego. With this playoff win, the Patriots are heading to the AFC championship, just won win away from their fourth Superbowl appearance in six years.

The game was fun to watch, both teams put in less than perfect performances, with interceptions and fumbles galore. Tom Brady had by far his worst game of the season, throwing three interceptions. But the Pats got the job done. Our Defense played some very nice football, and our line on both sides of the ball, brought their "A" game.

In Bruins news, the Boston Globe's Bruins blog (link on the right, I'm too lazy) is reporting from today's practice that Stan Chistov is ready to play in tomorrow's game against Buffalo. Fluto over at the globe is also saying that Coach Lewis will be subtly changing the lines. Something has to change, even if it isn't a huge change, something has to be done to spark this team.

Next up is a home and home series against the Buffalo Sabres. There is no other way to get your momentum back then by beating the best team in the conference twice.

Remember Nation, Monday's game is at 1:00 PM at the garden.


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