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Friday, January 05, 2007

Game 38: Bruins get humiliated by Toronto at the garden 10-2, are 19-16-3

And to think, a week ago I loved it when the Bruins played Toronto. This past week the Bruins lost 2 to the Maple Leafs by a combined score of 15-3. Last night's 10-2 loss was the worst Bruins game I have ever seen, and I hope it's the worst game I'll ever see.

Last night the Bruins played a great first period. They then managed to play the worst second period of the season, and the worst third period of the season. Our defense just could not keep up with Toronto's offense, a theme as of late (Bruins D not being able to keep up with opposing attack). In previous games, Thomas has been able to save the defense. Last night though, Thomas sucked (something I never say), and when Lewis finally replaced Thomas (after 8 goals) Sauve sucked as well! One huge thing I noticed about or defense is that we were letting up a lot of Toronto one-timers. Passing in general in the Bruins zone went unstopped. Thomas managed to stop a couple nice one-timers by Toronto in the first period, but in the second and third those same shots went in the net.

Please forgive me if the goal summaries for Last night's game is not as descriptive, there were just so many goals.

The first period, as aforementioned, was great. Early in the period, Toronto managed to score on the power play when a one-time went through the legs of Thomas. Five minutes later, Wayne Primeau had the puck in the 'Leafs end when he passed it to Shean Donovan who was breathing down the neck of Raycroft. The pass was perfect and Donovan just slid the puck under Raycroft's pads and into the net. Later in the period, with nine second left on a power play, Andrew Alberts' drive from in front of the blue line was redirected by Wayne Primeau into the net. Alberts' drive was low and meant to be redirected, it was a well executed play. The period ended with the Bruins up 2-1.

The Bruins completely collapsed in the second period. From here on in it was hell to watch. A minute into the period, Bates Battaglia tied the game at two. Then towards the middle of the period, the Maple Leafs took the lead when Alexander Steen shot a puck that was blocked by Alberts. Steen then got the puck and swiftly scored. Fifteen minutes into the period now, a couple failed Bruins clear attempts lead to a one-timer that had Bates Battaglia scoring a Toronto goal (Battaglia's 2nd goal). 18 seconds later, a Alexander Steen's (his 2nd goal) one-timer that looked exactly like the goal 18 seconds before (I mean a dead on replay) got by Thomas, extending the Maple Leafs lead. 24 seconds later, another one timer went by Thomas, giving the Maple LEafs a 6-2 lead. This one-timer was a little different though and was scored by Kris Newbury, who now has his first and second career NHL goals against the Bruins.

The third period was no better than the second. I don't want to describe the four goals that Toronto scored so I won't. I'll just say that Stajan scored two, Steen scored another, giving him a hat trick, and Chad Kilger scored. Thomas gave up two goals and Sauve gave up two goals.

What a crappy game! Next one is a day game at the garden against Philly. They're in last place, the Bruins really need to beat the crap out of some team to get their spirits back.


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