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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Game 37: Bruins lose to Maple Leafs 5-1, are 19-15-3

What a fantastic road trip! The Bruins went 1-2-1, losing to Toronto, Nashville, and Columbus in OT, with a win against Chicago that was surprisingly close.

So last night the Bruins were embarrassed by a pathetic Toronto team. After beating them 4 times in a row, they finally kicked our asses. What is even worse is that it was former Bruins players who did it. Hal Gill had a goal and Andrew Raycroft had a great game, letting in only one goal while making 27 saves.

4 minutes into the game, the Bruins were on a 5 on 3 power play when Marco Sturm's shot was saved. Chara though was just standing in front of the goal though. He got the puck and easily put it in net, giving the Bruins a 1-0 lead. I love when the Bruins just stick Chara in front of the net. He is impossible to move because of his size and in the new NHL, no one can hit him.

Anyway later in the period, Marc Savard made a guy bleed with his stick and he got sent to the box for four minutes. During that Toronto power play, a shot on Thomas was redirected by Mats Sundin and got past Thomas, tying the game. Four minutes later Hal Gill stole the puck in out zone when Marc Savard gave the puck away. Gill than shot a very good looking shot from 50 feet away. Thomas was screened and the shot went in, giving the Maple Leafs the lead.

In the middle of the second period, Chris Newbury of the 'Leafs scored his first NHL goal of his career. His shot went off of Thomas's stick and trickled into the net. This was at the same time as when Chara and Belak got into a mini scuffle. It turned into a full ten man mini-brawl. Emotions are definitely high in Toronto-Boston games this season. (Remember the fight between Tucker and Mara.)

Two minutes into the third period, a drive by Mats Sundin went through the legs of Tim Thomas. Timmy should of had it. So the Maple Leafs took a 4-1 lead. Then a couple minutes later on a Maple Leafs power play, A Maple Leafs pass went through Chara right in front of the net. That pass went to Jeff O'Neill who easily one-timed it into the net, giving Toronto a 5-1 lead. That lead was insurmountable for the Bruins and we lost the game miserably.

We play the Maple Leafs again on Thursday back at the garden.


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