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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some sports news and a Bruins pre-game

First, BC just won their seventh consecutive bowl game! I can't give you a link to an article because BC just won minutes ago. Bc won the Meineke Car Care bowl 25-24 over Navy. It was a very close game that BC should not have won. Navy was up by 8 when BC scored a touchdown, making it 24-22. BC failed on the 2-point conversion and Navy got the ball with a two point lead and only a couple minutes left. Navy started running out the clock but on a third and fifteen, the idiot Navy coach called an option. When the quarterback went to pitch the ball to the runningback, the runningback couldn't handle the ball and he fumbled. BC then recovered and went on to set up Steve Aponavicius with a 37 yard game winning field goal. Bottom line is that BC got lucky. They should have kept their old coach, a man who deserved the raise he was asking for.

In other sports news, Mike Tyson was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of an illegal substance, and possesion of cocaine. Police said that while arresting Tyson, he admitted to using Cocaine and to being an addict.

A little Bruins pre-game report: Hannu Toivenen will get his first start since December 12th tonight against Nashville. The Nashville predators are doing very well this season and are currently 2nd in the Western Conference with 53 points. Also, as I mentioned in the Game 35 summary, Jeff Hoggan hurt himself while crashing into the boards during last night's game. So Yan Stastny will replace him tonight on the fourth line alongside Petr Tenkrat and Stan Chistov. Besides that, the lines should look identical to last night's lines.

Kessel is reportedly doing better and working out with stregnth and conditioning coach John Whitesides. Chiarelli said that the earliest we could see Kessel in a game is next week against Philadelphia.

A little fun fact, the Boston Globe reminded us all today that Andrew Alberts has a team high +9 rating. That is very impressive for a defensemen like himself.


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