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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Game 36: Bruins get shutout by Predators 5-0, are 19-14-3

In the middle of the third period, Jack Edwards appropriately described the game as the "Bruins getting spanked pretty hard by Nashville".

Coach Lewis decided to give Hannu Toivenen the start tonight and it sure didn't work out for him. Though Nashville's goals were not all Toivenen's fault, tonight's game proved that this is Timmy's team, and it will remain Timmy's team.

I don't know whether it was because this was the second game in two days or something else, but the Bruins just had no gas in the tank. The Bruins were slow, ineffective with the puck, bad at chasing down pucks, and just looked like a tired beaten team.

In the first period, the predators had a 2 on 1 odd man rush during transition. A one-timer got by Toivenen, giving the Predators the lead. Later in the period, A perfect Predator drive, high blocker side, went into the net. Toivenen looked screened, he probably didn't even see the puck.

In the second period, Jordin Tootoo's shot deflected off of a Predator in front of the net. The puck then took a weird bounce into the goal. Toivenen couldn't have done anything about it. Later in the period, Nashville managed to get a guy wide open in the Bruins zone during transition. That open guy received a pass and shot a beautiful wrist shot by Toivenen.

Nothing much happened in the third period. Nashville managed to get a goal when Josef Vasicek scored a quick goal off of a faceoff. This goal could have been saved by Toivenen. Hannu was not expecting the shot though.

One last note: This is the first shutout against the Bruins this season, and the biggest loss since Game one (an 8-3 loss to Florida). Also, Phoenix managed to beat San Jose 8-0, making me feel much better about tonight's Bruins loss.


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