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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Game 31: Bruins demolish Senators 7-2, are 16-13-2

Last night's game was by far the best game of the season, and probably will remain the best game of the season. Our domination over Ottawa continued last night in Ottawa as we destroyed the Senators 7-2.

Last night the Bruins not only scored 7 goals, but they played with superb intensity. The Bruins played excellent defense, while Thomas had another brilliant game in goal. Our Offense was also amazing. We moved the puck around really well in the Senators zone, leading to many easy scoring opporunities.

In the first period the Bruins played very well, took plenty of shots, and scored three goals. The first one came in the middle of the period when Chistov intercepted the puck in the Senators zone. He passed it to Marco Sturm who scored his first goal of the game. A minute later Marc Savard passed the puck across the ice to Glen Murray who scored. Then with about a minute left in the period, the Bruins were on the power play when Patrice Bergeron passed the puck across the ice to Marco Sturm. Sturm then easily scored his second of the game, ending the period with the Bruins up 3-0.

Nothing really happened in the second period until nine minutes in when McGrattan, a real dirty hockey player, laid a grueling hit on Wayne Primeau. McGrattan had already been called for a high sticking penalty, and so during the delayed penalty period, McGrattan was just out for blood. Primeau, along with the rest of the team tackled McGrattan and a small brawl broke out between the two lines. Both McGrattan and Primeau got roughing and misconduct penalties, however McGrattan still had his original high sticking penalty. As it turns out, a minute later on the power play, Bergeron found Marco Sturm who scored, giving the Bruins a 4-0 lead.

Five minutes later, Bergeron found Sturm in the Senators zone again. Sturm again easily scored and the Bruins had a 5-0, and Sturm had a hat trick. With four seconds left in the period though, a Senator drive managed to get by Thomas and the period ended 5-1.

In the third period, the Bruins made it 6-1 when Glen Murray found Marc Savard on the power play. Savard scored, his second of the game.

A few minutes later, Eaves laid a dirty hit on Marc Savard. The hit was clearly meant to injury him. It was a shoulder to the head hit and Marc Savard went to the ground. Paul Mara then went after Eaves. Mara was furious and looked like he was going to rip Eaves to shreds. The refs got in the middle though and threw Eaves out of the game before any Bruin could get to him. Anyway, a few minutes later, Ottawa scored on a very Iffy goal. The goal made it 6-2 so you can't really complain. Five minutes later, Paul Mara scored his first goal of the season when his drive went into the net, and the Bruins won 7-2. Chara I'm sure loved his first game in Ottawa since he left last season. The corwd sure as hell didn't forgive him though.

One last note: The Bruins swept the three stars in Ottawa. they went as followed:
Third star: Marc Savard (2 goals 2 assists)
Second star: Marco Sturm (3 goals)
First star: Patrice Bergeron (5 assists)


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