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Friday, December 08, 2006

Game 26: Bruins beat up on Toronto again 3-1, are 14-10-2

I just love how we keep crushing Toronto. The Bruins have three wins by more than one goal on the season and all three have come against Toronto. It's too bad we don't play them again until New Years.

The first period was pretty even. The Bruins came out fired up up. They were playing physically and getting quality scoring chances. but the period ended scoreless. The second period was exactly like the first period. Except Toronto gut lucky in this period. The Buins and Maple Leafs were playing 4 on 4 because Alberts and Tucker were in the penalty box. Michael Peca of the Maple Leafs shot the puck towards Thomas but it went wide right, Thomas though completely misplayed it and the puck ended up right in front of the goal with Thomas on the ice to the side, leaving the goal wide open. Jeff O'Neill of the Maple Leafs then skated up and easily touched the puck into the net for the score. So the second period ended with the Bruins trailing 1-0.

The third period was fantastic though. Ten minutes into the period, Brad Boyes managed to keep control of the puck along the boards in the Toronto zone. He then passed it to Brad Stuart who was skating down the middle of the ice towards Aubin, the Maple Leafs goalie. Stuart then shot a rocket past Aubin for the game-tying goal.

A few minutes later, Donovan was trying to dump the puck in the Toronto zone while the Bruins attempted a line change. The puck though hit the linesman and mark Mowers got control of the puck at the Toronto blue line. Mowers shot the puck on net but Aubin was able easily save it. Aubin couldn't though keep control of the rebound and the puck went right to Wayne Primeau who shot the puck right past Aubin and into the net. The Bruins then put the nail in the coffin when Donovan stole the puck in the Toronto zone and passed it to Primeau. Primeau then passed the puck across the ice to Patrice Bergeron. Bergeron then shot a laser past Aubin to give the Bruins a 3-1 lead, which the Bruins easily held on to.

Also, in the middle of the third period, Andrew Alberts earned the respect of Bruins nation. Darcy Tucker (yes the same Tucker that Mara beat up) crashed into Thomas behind the net. Alberts then jumped on Tucker, and after NESN showed the replay, it looked like Alberts was repeatedly punching Tucker (or at least that's what I saw) in the face.

Also, Patrice Bergeron played over 21 minutes last night, which is more than his average, and Paul Mara is back playing his usual 20+ minutes. Now all we need to do is get Axelsson healthy.

Next game is tomorrow night at 7 against New Jersey.


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